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Nothing is worth more than this:

Until you begin your own family, whether it's through marriage or with a pet or with a child, I don't think anyone can truly begin to understand what family really means. We know what it's like to be part of a family. But being responsible for a family is completely different and matures you in ways faster than you can imagine. 

I am a mother. There is absolutely, 100% nothing better. Those women that talk about their kids all the time? They do it because they adore their job. Sometimes I can be one of those women. And sometimes I get annoyed by those women. It's really only that awesome if it's your own kid. The fact that something that you grew and created and are now solely responsible for is learning something right in front of your eyes is enough to make anyone proud.  Even if they've learned how to pick their nose or play in their poop. 

Some people look at being a stay at home mom as such a sacrifice. As if they've given up their entire life for the tedious task of babysitting snot-nosed brats all day, every day. In my life, it has been a blessing and a mountainous responsibility. This is much more difficult than any job, with more responsibility and a never ending time clock. Until I'm dead in the ground, and even after I'm gone, I'll always be a mother. What I leave behind will be a testament to both what kind of person I was, the kind of relationship I had with my husband and the good I've done in my lifetime. The kind of men I raise reflects on me as a person and our family values.

I don't think anyone knows what real responsibility is until they've had children. You can disagree with me on this but it's something I firmly believe. You can be responsible for a lot of things in your life but until you've grown a person, that responsibility has been limited. It's the biggest and most important thing I'll do in my life. To say having children is a sacrifice would be the misstatement of a lifetime. Having children is like the ultimate job promotion, every day of your life. 

To those on the outside who have yet to experience it, their judgements will be based on assumptions only. For people to feel sorry for those who've had children is comical. My life has not been sacrificed. It has been enriched with family. And no career, no trip around the world, no money can diminish the wealth of love and pride I have in this life I live. As a parent. As a mother

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