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On Friday my little babies turned 15 months old. WHAT THE HECK? Sad. 

Everyone meet 15 month old Julian Tochi James:
Looks to mama for approval or reaction after he does a lot of things. He really likes to read people. He'll push a key on his little piano and look to me after every noise to see if I smile. 

Will do anything to start a giggle fest with his brother. He likes to pop out and play peek-a-boo with everyone and Isaiah laughs so hard he is squealing when Julian does this. So really, he's kind of the jokester. 

Still can't quite get the hang of a straw.

Can only be given food in small portions or he'll shove everything he sees in his mouth. 

Has a slight obsession with pacifiers. 

Will give a pacifier to Isaiah (that he's stolen) if I tell him to. So nice.

Can clap, point, wave bye-bye, and kind of do the sign for "more". Can also shake his head yes and no although he only partially knows what "no" means.

Is the family alarm clock. Every day, same time.

Loves to snuggle with mama.

Lays on the floor on his tummy a lot to play with toys. Will kick his right foot repeatedly while doing so.

LOVES homemade juice and smoothies. Will chug his AND his brother's and then throw the sippy cup angrily on the floor when it's gone.

Gets mad easily when something doesn't work or when he's told no and will tense his whole body and face up and be all dramatic.

Cries big, sad tears when daddy leaves for work in the morning. 

Is working more on walking! Finally starting to take steps when coaxed and giggles the whole time.

Likes to walk (on his knees) around the apartment with stuff in his mouth.

Favorite toys are his big legos which he and his brother have figured out how to stack. 

Loves to feel the wind.

Terrified of loud noises, especially the juicer and vacuum. Can stand the blender sometimes, otherwise he cries so hard when they're on and I avoid doing it while he's around or daddy can't hold him.

Tries to blow on food like I do. He does this by blowing air through his scrunched up nose.

Meet 15 month old Isaiah Chidi Hamilton:
Laughs at just about anything his brother does. And laughs really hard.

Blows spit bubbles like a champ.

LOVES leg massages from mama and daddy. Will put his legs up in the air after a diaper change letting me know he wants a massage. Spoiled.

Pulls at his hair when he's tired or mad. Especially the curls behind his hears.

Likes to balance things on his head.

Puts his entire pacifier in his mouth. Which his mother hates. And takes out immediately.

Will lay in bed quiet and content as Julian stands yelling for us to get him out of bed in the morning.

Loves his polar bear. Carries it everywhere around the apartment.

Points to everything. Especially the lights and trees outside. 

Can walk. Just choses not to. 

Persistent. Will stop at nothing to accomplish something, whether it is to figure out a toy or take something from his brother. Does not give up easily.

Can clap, wave bye-bye, point, do the sign for "more" (although he made his own way up; pointer finger to the palm) shake head no but has a problem with shaking "yes". 

Likes putting things on shelves and in baskets and stacking his legos.

Constantly reaching for things up high to get into, especially on the desk. Julian could care less but Isaiah will grab anything within reach.

Likes to fake chew gum. Will chomp like he's eating something when he's not. (Learned from listening to his daddy chomp gum ...which I hate!)

Also likes to fake choke. He makes a weird grunting noise and looks at me for a response. 

Likes throwing balls and playing catch, especially with daddy. 

Thinks stuffed animals are hilarious. 

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