feeling good

Life is good, people. Sometimes we just really need a reminder of that. Even on days when the little dramas that seem to totally consume the world of us stay-at-home moms, life is still good. We tend to get caught up in the little stuff when all we do is stay home with our kids. Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and refocus our thoughts. There is a bigger picture. And the fact that we get to stay home with our children every day and have husbands that work their hineys off to make sure we can...MAN! 

SO awesome.

This song makes me feel good. And reminds me of the man who works hard to make our lives good.

You know what else makes me feel good? 

This new red hair of mine. 

I did my best to make some wavy curls based on Stephanie's tutorial over at Polos, Pearls and Pacifiers. It's supposed to be for long hair but I did my best with my short hair. And I added a center part to be all Farrah Fawcetty. I'm actually kind of digging the center part for now. 

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