15 months

We finally got around to scheduling the well baby check up this month. We always end up a couple weeks late but whatever, they are still 15 months. 

Here's how the boys measure up this month:
25lb 6.5oz (48th percentile), 33" (90th percentile), Head Circumference: 49 1/2 (95th percentile)

25lb 11.5 oz (50th percentile), 32 1/2" (77th percentile), Head: 49 1/2 (95th percentile)

Essentially they didn't gain much weight from their 12 month check up (not quite 1lb each) but both grew an inch and half. They're a lot more active these days which is why I'm guessing their weight has gone down in the rankings. They also got some shots and I was told they needed therapy again. UGH. 

I called the regional center that does the therapy and got an assessment on the boys over the phone. At first the girl I was talking to wasn't really sure if the boys were qualified for therapy. I'm not sure if they are either. By the end of the conversation she told me she was sending some applications for both of them in the mail and some other person was going to be calling me from the Mission Viejo office to set up our first appointment. I don't know if that means they're going to be doing therapy or not. As long as it's no money out of my pocket and whatever we do will ultimately help the boys develop as they should, I'm for it. 

If in fact they qualified, the pediatrician suggested they do some speech therapy since neither one of the boys are saying any words yet (which I don't think they're really that behind on but if they have something that will help me get them talking when they need to, again, I'm for it.) I think they might also do some physical therapy to help Julian and his foot. Maybe help with his balance so he can really have more confidence with walking. He has the will, his body just isn't cooperating.

Anyways. I survived the appointment with them by myself. Two non walking babies to a doctor appointment is a lot of work. One baby in the Ergo on my back, I carried the other and also a backpack. Their shots sucked, because Isaiah had to watch Julian get them. And Julian moved a little when he got the last one and got a scratch from the needle on his leg. The stupid nurse wouldn't let me hold his other leg (she said she could do it) and he must have used it to push up.

But we're home now. And they'll hopefully nap. Not because they're tired but because I need a little breather. 

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