workin' it out.

My eating habits have been less than stellar the past few days. I started my day off well with a big ole smoothie. Ingredients: frozen strawberries, a little almond milk, water, greek yogurt and an Amazing Meal packet.  Mmm. I don't measure anything out, fyi. I just dump a bunch of stuff in the blender and mix.

The dudes were their usual cute selves this morning. 
Julian was lifting weights. That 3 pounder is his max.

Isaiah pointing. 

After their morning nap we loaded up the stroller and I was prepared to sweat. And sweat I did. said I went 3.22 miles. And it's ALL hills. I walked on the big hills, jogged on the flats and down the small hills. And on my way back I actually jogged UP one of the bigger hills before the big one at the end. I was proud of myself. To lose weight and get in shape you have to get out of your comfort zone. I would have been comfortable walking up it. It's a challenge either way but I would have preferred to walk it. But I wanted to really push myself so I jogged up that thing. Pushing a heavy stroller with two heavy dudes.

I love the area we live in, and the route I took today was awesome. Here's what it looked like:
This is about mile 1. We live just on the other side of that hill but it sucks you have to go the long way around it all because there aren't any roads going through.

Around mile 1.5 at the top of the last hill on my way out. This view is even prettier in the evening because the sun is shining on the front of those mountains. Such a nice view, I think I'll go out this way all the time. 

And then the giant hill I have to climb to get back home. This is probably where my legs felt like they were just going to turn into sold boards they were so stiff and tired. 

I should probably do some stretching tonight.

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