wordless[ish] wednesday: 14 months

14 month old boys are curious.
They like to take things in and out of buckets, stack things on shelves, tear apart anything they can. 
They love to be outside but take a little while to warm up to grass.
They act like they're drowning when you pour water on their head in the tub.
They like to point to everything.
They walk on their knees everywhere.
They copy each other.
14 month old boys think their mommy is hilarious.
They are addicted to stupid pacifiers but they're still babies so I don't mind.
Their hair gets more and more crazy by the month.
They're learning how to display their emotions, mainly the mad one.
Julian is the early riser, and if he didn't make so much noise, Isaiah would sleep forever.

They follow each other everywhere.
Love looking out the window.
Isaiah needs pants always because he takes off his diaper. 
They giggle with each other. 
Julian is a jokester, doing whatever he can to get Isaiah to laugh.
They love to chase each other in circles.

Sometimes I wish they would just walk. I know it's coming soon and you can never go back. People tell me this all the time. But there is so much more we could do if they were walking. I want to take them outside to the playground but they'd get stabbed with wood chips. I want to take them to the park where they can run around and explore. I understand this requires chasing. I understand they can't go back. I don't want to be told to just wait and they'll walk soon enough-I know. They are 14 months now and have been knee walking for months. They walk so fast on their knees they fall. It's time for the next stage. 

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