weight loss update

This past week has been slow in the weight loss category. But I am not discouraged. Mainly because weight loss is only 1/4 of overall health. Things that also matter to me: inches lost, how I feel in my clothes, energy levels, how strong I feel, etc. 

I have a bridesmaid's dress I need to fit better by August, so I have a goal. It fits fine now but I'm not 100% comfortable. I'm a pear shape (small on top...big on bottom) and the dress fits a little too snugly around my hips and butt. Since the wedding is going to be when it's hot, I really don't want to have to wear spanx underneath. The less layers, the better. Plus, it's a good motivator to lose some more lbs. 

So, here is a little update on my body progress. I really started my weight loss journey last June, when the boys were 3 months old. I have freckles in just the right places so I use them as a guide to measure in the same spot every time. Here are my stats from June 15, 2010:

Weight: 176.5 lbs
Arms: 11.5 in
Chest: 36.5 in
Waist (at my belly button): 34.5 in
Hips (at my butt): 43 in
Thigh: 24.75 in

And here are my stats from today:
Weight: 165.7 lbs  -10.8lbs
Arms: 11.75 in   +.5 in (biceps baby)
Chest: 34.75 in   -1.75 in
Waist (at my belly button): 32 in  -2.5 in
Hips (at my butt): 41 in  -2 in
Thigh: 23.5 in  -1.25 in

Some of these don't seem like huge numbers for it having been 11 months, however I wasn't fully committed to getting in shape for most of that time until probably the past month or two. 

And another huge plus:I finally fit into my favorite work out shirt. It's been too tight to be comfortable but I dug it out today and it fits great, and it's a size small even! I'll try to post a series of pictures like this each month so you guys can see my progress. And for the record, my thighs do NOT look that thin. Good lighting and black workout leggings do the trick. I also pulled my shirt a little tight in that last one so you get the full side view. I love the tight elastic on those pants-holds that jiggle in well LOL! I know I look thin but it's all soft. 

Anyways. That's my update for now. Now I'm off squeeze in my Bob Harper kettle bell work out before the boys wake up from their morning nap. 

If you guys have any questions let me know! 

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