water babies

We've been enjoying water a lot the past couple days. I let the boys play extra long in the tub last night. And this morning we went to Target and I picked up a water table for the dudes to enjoy on our patio. We really need an umbrella out there because it gets so hot and sunny for most of the day. I think it'll help keep it a little cooler on the really hot days. 

We live right next to the community pool, I just need to figure out logistics of taking two little boys swimming. I plan on getting a couple of those floaty tube thingies but getting the boys and the tubes over there and into the pool will take some figuring out. But I will do it. Just because we have two hasn't stopped me from doing anything yet and I'm not about to let it. It all just takes a little more planning and creativity. 

Anyways. Now look at some pictures of the boys enjoying water.



somewhat sharing.

Isaiah thinking he's hilarious.


Julian. He's enjoying sorting things more and more. Usually one boy takes everything out and the other puts everything in and they go back and forth. 

Isaiah. I started pouring water on their heads and they'd squeal and breathe really hard like they were drowning. Then Isaiah started putting toys on his head thinking water would come out. I gave him the bucket and the first time he actually poured cold water on his head he threw the bucket! He was surprised something came out and I'm sure it was a cold shock lol!

Julian enjoyed sorting and organizing toys in and out of the water table. They played on this thing for at least an hour before the first fuss/fighting. If we stop then, they don't get too pissed off. 

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