to be a mother of twins

I haven't been a mama of twins for all that long but I've figured a lot out in the past 14 1/2 months. There aren't many books that teach you about how life with twins will be. I guess whether you have one or eight babies at a time, we all just figure it out as we go. 

Here are some things I've learned about how to be a mom of twins; some things maybe moms of one baby don't ever have to learn:
  • Julian needs to be washed up and down from his high chair first because if I clean Isaiah up first he knows how to get out of his chair and will get into the trays and messy food. I can clean up Julian first and he'll usually sit still while I clean Isaiah up.
  • Isaiah throws his food on the floor when he's done. Julian whines when he's full.
  • Julian is who I hear every morning between 6:00 and 6:30am. It doesn't matter how early or late we put them to bed, this is when his internal alarm clock wakes him up. 
  • As I learned yesterday, I can never, ever trust Isaiah without pants on...or I will find poop in his bed.
  • Isaiah loves to give kisses, Julian loves to snuggle.
  • To take the boys to the car on my own I strap one boy on my back in the ergo and carry the other boy. If I strap someone on my chest, it's impossible to put the other boy in the car seat with one hanging on your chest. 
  • Also, when I take them to the store together, since they aren't walking yet we don't use those big carts for kids. Julian goes on my back in the ergo, Isaiah in the cart. Isaiah usually needs more attention throughout the trip so having him in front of me is easiest. And on days like today, Julian fell asleep on my back. 
  • Isaiah LOVES his white polar bear. He sleeps with it and we try to keep it in the bed all the time. Julian has a puppy and gets excited about it, but I think he'd do fine without.
  • Julian doesn't mind water poured over his head in the tub. Isaiah will gasp and fling his big head around so I make sure to only do it when he's away from the metal spout.
  • If I need to find a pacifier I can be sure to find it in the ball-shooter-toy we have. Julian likes to put all the pacies down the tube but the fan isn't powerful enough to shoot the pacies out.
  • Julian could ride in the stroller forever. Isaiah gets squirmy and needs some distraction after about 20 minutes.
  • If I give a pacifier to one boy, I need to give one to both or there will be war.
  • Julian gets frustrated easily when he can't figure something out and throws a little hissy fit. Isaiah will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And gets super pissed if he doesn't.

These are only some of the things I've slowly started to figure out about the dudes. Now that they're getting bigger, there are more opportunities for their individuality to shine through. It's a challenge for me each day to remember that they are two separate children. They don't react to anything the same and both have their own preferences and behaviors. And as a mommy, it's my job to learn these things about them so I can mother them both as individuals, not as a set. 

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