Sunday Morning

I'm just typing this out because I was thinking about it and don't want to forget it. 

Every Sunday morning growing up, after church (we'd go to the 10am mass) we'd stop at Casey's (the gas station) for a box of doughnuts and dad would get the Sunday paper. I usually got to go in and pick out what doughnuts I wanted; the ones with chocolate frosting of course. 

When the triplets got bigger sometimes we would all get something to drink, too. I always remember my dad would get the Ruby Red Squirt. And then I got it, too so I could have the same as my dad. 

We'd go home and change out of our church clothes, back when you dressed up for church. We weren't ever allowed to wear jeans unless all of our dress clothes were dirty or something. Now people only dress up for holidays....usually. I kind of liked the days when you got to wear a pretty dress or something nice on Sunday.

Some Sunday mornings we'd go to my grandma and grandpa's house for brunch. They went to the 8:00am mass so grandma could get home early to cook. And my aunt and cousins would come over and we'd play and eat and enjoy the fresh air at grandma's house. At some point my dad would say it's time to go because he had some yard work to do. 

Now those days are long gone. My brothers and sister are the only three left at home. My cousins are all grown and my parents are divorced so going to my grandma's house is only on weekends my dad has my brothers and sister. 

And now, my parents are the grandparents. I wish we lived closer to start some weekend traditions with them. And with Chikezie's parents. I really want the boys to enjoy their grandparents as I did when I was growing up. 

But wherever we are, I'm looking forward to starting little weekly traditions like this that they'll remember with love someday.

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