Sunday at the park (photo dump)

Yesterday we decided to get outside. It was a little windy but typical, gorgeous So Cal weather and I wanted to get out and enjoy it. I wanted the boys to play in the grass. We can play in grass here but I'm always nervous there is going to be dog poop somewhere. Oh the joys of apartment living. Plus, when I'm out with the boys by myself it's not as enjoyable for me as it is when Chikezie is there to help and I'm not doing it all.

So, we stopped at the grocery store and got a few snacks and headed to Dana Point. Chikezie had found this really awesome park once and wanted to take us. It's at the top of this huge hill that overlooks Dana Harbor and the ocean.

Oh yeah, before we left Chikezie took a couple of pictures:
Dress: H&M
Belt: Target
Earrings: Target
and you can't see my sandals but... Target
Boys' one piece outfits from Carters.

Well, there was some kind of bike race going on so the street that would let us park at the top of the hill was closed. We parked at the bottom and walked to the top. I estimate about 10 flights of stairs we went up, both carrying a boy and a bag. We all know how much I love stairs. You guys, my calves are SO tight this morning. 

But it was worth it. We had this awesome view:

We set up shop in the shade and chowed down. The boys, as usual, hated the grass for the first 20 minutes. 

We sat on one of my sweatshirts from the car and ate lunchables, grocery store pasta salads and juice. And I let myself indulge in a chocolate chip AND M&M cookie. I enjoyed my treat after a week of eating well.

The boys enjoyed watching all the kids ride their bikes down the hills around us. 
P.S. do any of my photographer friends know why it's so green around Julian's hair? 

(and the green around Chikezie's arm in the background)

It got a little chilly in the shade so we moved camp to the sun. 

And slathered on some sunscreen. Except I forgot to put some on myself and actually didn't get burnt for once.

I tried to get a mommy/daddy shot. But obviously my husband hates me:

and before we left we went up some MORE STAIRS to check out the best view:
Yes, this is Isaiah scratching at my tattoo. Feels REALLY good.

We had such a nice day in the sun. We're going to try to find a new park around here every Sunday for a picnic this summer. When you live in So Cal you really need to get out and enjoy the weather. 

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