Patchwork Sunday

On Sunday we took the boys and met our friend Tamara at the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival in Santa Ana. I went last spring by myself and found some cute stuff. Tamara and I went to the fall one in Long Beach and it was freezing and windy. Sunday's weather was just about right. 

We found some awesome stuff, which I will post about later...but for now, here are some pictures of the trip.

Mama and Julian...blurry but the only one of us.

Tamara and me, probably picking out the same thing in different versions.

Daddy and Isaiah checking out flowers.

Something I wanted to steal. But I'm not a good robber so it was probably a good idea I didn't. But I'd be lying if it didn't cross my mind.

Julian, playing with legos while we had a snack and rested in the shade. I don't think his tongue has ever fully been in his mouth.

Who is this wonderful man and where did he come from? Oh he's my husband. Heck yes.
Wearing his new shirt from Raygun. (Which he copied from me because I've had the girl version for a couple of years. But whatever, I'm not mad.)

And two sleepy dudes who weren't fussy at all the whole day and fell asleep, exhausted, on the way home.

Oh goodness I love sleeping boys. Their big lips look so cute when they're all relaxed and sleepy. 

And check out those long eye lashes. You're welcome.

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