our song

Love Bob Marley. I could listen to him all day. Chikezie and I have never actually picked out a "song" but I think this is it. We used to work next door to each other so we got to go to lunch together all the time. We did picnics a lot in the spring and when it wasn't too hot in the summer. A lot like this:

and then once he drew this for me:
I know it's hard to see- I took it on my cell phone. It's a little bird.  And he's saying, "This is my message to you-ou-ou".

I hung it up at my desk and I still have it somewhere.

And when the boys were in my belly I'd put headphones on my belly and play this song for them. And then after they were born, and till this day, it's the song I can sing and hum over and over again and they calm right down. So I guess now it's become a family song. 

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