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As June slowly approaches, all the deadlines for goals I've set for myself as far as my blog/shop/etc. go slowly approach as well. Along with updating my shop with new stuff (which will happen on June 1) I've also given it a new look:

What do you guys think?

I think it matches pretty well with the business cards I made:

Along with the business card and updated shop, I decided to make a "home base" of sorts for people to be able to get to me on the many different places I can be found online. 

It's just in it's beginning stages, I taught myself some VERY amateur photoshop for the banner but I think the page serves its purpose. Hopefully this will lead people to my blog or shop if they wouldn't have normally traveled there. 

Anyways. That's what I've been working on. I'm working hard. Oh and I'm also accepting June sponsors. So, if you haven't gotten on that train yet, I'll be open until the beginning of the month to getting you up here! 

AND I've been working on a series of super fun weekly spotlights that will be posted on Mondays starting next week. I'll ask you some silly questions, post a silly picture of you and whoever and you get your very own post dedicated to your blog! Oh and the week you're featured you'll have a PRIME spot up in the right corner of the blog. So, yeah. I want to feature all of you beautiful readers! I've seriously made some awesome friends here and if you're looking for some exposure for your blog or just want to have a little me or leave a comment here and we can get you in on the fun! 

That's all for now folks :)

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