Mondays Are Awesome Vol. 1

That's right. Mondays ARE awesome. I'm determined to start your week off on a fun note. This week we're going to get to know the fun side of Melissa from hi, baby. I kind of love her. And if I lived farther north we might be real life friends. Well, I'd like to creepily think so. I can you not love this cute little family?

name/age/location: melissa devine, 26, seattle representin'
Kids/spouses names/ages: Tim, 26 (we have the EXACT same bday). Zoe, 7 going on 23. rowan, 3. and stella our midget who is 1.

What would be your dream job? 
to work at children's hospital in the radiology department. and guess what? i am working towards that as we speak. no really, i am right now balancing replying to this email from the wonderful mandey and studying for a biology test. who says you can't have your cake and eat it to?

Name a secret talent. 
well, it used to be that i could blow a balloon up with my nose-but at this age, my peers no longer find that amusing. so, we'll go with renowned flutist?

Pet peeves...I know you have them. 
when people can't correctly use your, you're, and things alike. and when at the ripe age of twenty-whatevers there are still people who delete friends off facebook when they get in a little fight. oh, and when people read too much into what they 'think' the tone of a text message is.

What is one of your bad habits? 
biting my nails, bad. and when money burns a hole in my pocket.

What is something bad you did when you were a kid?
 i was perfect. the end.

Best concert you've been to. 
tool. or maybe foo fighters. no, it was atmosphere. wait wait, ask me again after soundgarden in july.

What is the best thing about you? 
my craftyness-ness and my optimism. oh, and my butt?

Have you met anybody famous? If not, who would you like to meet? 
grady sizemore who plays for the indians went to my highschool and matt hasselback goes to my church and we have bumped elbows. other than that, if i ever came across rob p he better hope i am in a gentle mood.

Name something you love and something you absolutely despise. 
i love my friends. i despise cheaters.

Your drink of choice. (Preferably alcoholic...but if you don't drink that's cool, too) 
kaluha and cream, you can thank my parents for that one. what am i forty?

Do YOU want to be awesome on a Monday? Email me at to participate. You'll get this feature post all to yourself, get to show the world your silly side, and get some prime real estate up on my right side bar for the week you're featured.

Happy Monday, friends.

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