mama's day out!

Today I stepped out...SANS babies. And SANS husband. It was nice. My friend Tamara and I went to the Queen Bee Market in San Diego. Oh so much good stuff! 

Here's the attempted photos of my outfit:
Tank: Goodwill...
I don't know the brand there aren't any tags. I don't even know which is front and back :)
Belt: Target
Earrings: Target
Jeans: PRE-BABY. American Eagle
Yes, that's right. The first time I've worn my jeans from before the boys ere born. 
Sandals (which you never see): Target. Old.

Go here to see some other cute outfits:

I kissed hubs bye and thanked him for watching the boys all day and then I was OFF!

And look what little cutie I ran into at the fair- Stephanie from Polos, Pearls and Pacifiers. And Hallie high-fived AND fist bumped me. Don't be jealous. In the 10 seconds we talked I loved her already and am excited to have made my first bloggy friend now officially a real LIFE friend. Woot!

Then Tamara and I walked around the Gas Lamp District of San Diego forever with growling stomachs trying to decide what to eat. We stopped at the Rock Bottom Brewery and I ate this gem. I ate the WHOLE thing. That's how hungry I was. And we watched the derby. And got really depressed for the horses. 

And, the lighting is crappy in my house at night but here are a couple of cute things I got today-I'll share more when I can get better pictures. 
this cutie octopus for the boys' room from done leather
These lovely earrings from crystal b

And then it was home. And back to feeding my hungry dudes. 

Hope you all had a great Saturday-and an even happier Mother's Day tomorrow!

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