a little nervous

So later this morning we're going to see the orthopedist. We're going to have Isaiah's hips looked at, nothing really wrong there but our pediatrician wants them checked because he was a breech baby and apparently that can effect hips somehow? I'm hoping he can just check Isaiah without an x-ray. I don't know how they x-ray toddlers but I don't imagine it being much fun.

The main reason we're going is for Julian's left foot. 

His left foot is always turned in like this. 

I'm nervous. I've been worrying about it all weekend. I don't know why it's such a big deal for me but I don't ever want Julian to be limited in any way. Isaiah is really starting to get brave and walk more on his own. He gets SO excited to walk. And I see Julian sitting back watching him. I know he'll eventually learn in his own time but he's completely stopped trying. Remember this video?

This was about a month ago before we moved and Julian was all about trying to walk. He hasn't done this since. He won't even stand on his own when I place him out in front of me. I think his foot is really affecting his balance and he knows he's more stable on his knees or holding on to something. Plus, we have carpet now so the walking around on the knees is more comfortable. You can also see that left foot in the video really turned in.

I'll be glad to get some answers for his foot. And either scenario, I don't think I'll be 100% comfortable with. I'm expecting one of the following:
  1. For them to tell me it's nothing, and that he'll just grow out of it. I'd love to hear this but I'll continue to worry mainly because at that point, it's out of my control and I'll just have to wait. I'm not very good with this stuff.
  2. For him to need a brace or physical therapy or something. I really don't want to put him through all of that BUT I'd feel like we'd be actively trying to fix the problem. I'd feel a little more in control of the situation. 
I know I'm making probably a bigger deal about all of this than necessary and Chikezie slapped me with a little "stop worrying about things you can't control" last night. But we all know moms don't listen to that advice. We worry about stuff we can't control ALL the time!

So anyways, that's what we'll be doing this morning. Send us some good thoughts. Hope we can easily find out what's going on and hopefully find a solution to the problem. I want his foot to grow straight, I don't want it to hurt him to stand and I want him to be able to learn to explore his world without any restrictions and with as little standing in his way as possible. 

Wish us luck!

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