in my fridge

This morning I realized how healthy our fridge was looking lately and decided to document and show you guys what we eat!

Top shelf. 
From L to R: boy's leftover smoothie, organic whole milk for the boys, almond milk (my skim milk behind it), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, filtered water. 

Middle shelf.
L to R: Snap peas, broccoli sprouts, baby spinach, light sour cream, 3 different kinds of hummus, Ezekiel bread, greek yogurt, organic free range eggs.

Bottom Shelf.
Drawer w/random shredded cheeses. Bottom bowl:kale. Top bowl: strawberries.

Fresh produce! Romaine, spinach, cucumbers in the veggie side. Peaches, oranges, lemons, apples in the fruit side.

I'm not going to name off all of this but you can click on the picture to get the bigger version to read what it all is! A couple of the dressings aren't the healthiest but I think it looks fairly healthy. 

Our freezer is pretty much all frozen fruits and veggies:
Waffles, blueberries, green beans, peas and I don't know what that bottom right is-a veggie of some kind. 

Anyways. I'm just proud of how good I'm doing at making sure to buy healthy foods for my family. Since I'm the one in charge of grocery shopping, a lot of this is my responsibility. I'm not 100% perfect at this, obviously, and we all have indulgences from time to time but I'm proud of my efforts so far. 

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