i heart san diego

After the Queen Bee Market on Saturday, my friend Tamara and I walked around the Gaslamp District of San Diego in a feverish fit of hunger. I snapped these as we power walked around trying to find sustenance. And ya'll remember how that little meal turned out. If not here's the refresher:

And I ate the whole thing. Keep in mind I hadn't had anything since breakfast and it was like 3pm. My food choices were less than stellar this weekend but I justified my actions with the fact that it was Mother's Day weekend. Later that night I had pizza and soda. And then I had wrenching pain in my gut for about an hour. So, yeah. I learned my lesson. 

Anyways. Pictures. San Diego. Go.

Isn't it so awesome? And this wasn't even half of what is down there. I want to go spend a whole weekend there and take photos of EVERYTHING I SEE.

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