Ok, I know I have some fellow gleeks out there. We don't have cable but I rent each episode (of the end of this season) on our Apple TV. 

This week's prom episode was so good! Here are my thoughts. 
  • Jessie Saint James is a douche. I think he's going to screw everyone, and Rachel over again. And when he walks in wearing a skinny scarf to sing Rolling in the Deep with Rachel I about blew protein shake out of my nose. Seriously? Unnecessary.
  • I heart Finn. I wish he would have beat up Jessie Saint James. And then kissed Rachel at the prom. I love those two loving each other but whenever they're together she's always crazy. It was so sad when she sang during prom and was kind of singing to Finn as he danced with Quinn..I wanted to cry for her.
  • The "Friday" song was no less annoying sung by these guys than it is sung by the dumb girl on youtube.
  • Karofsky's apology to Kurt was nice. I liked to see the tears. I wish he would have come out at prom.
  • I really want Mercedes to find a boyfriend. She's been single like, the WHOLE time. 
  • I feel bad for Artie but I want Britney and Santana to come out and be together. 
  • When Quinn slapped Rachel I kind of wish Rachel would have just punched her in the face. It was COMPLETELY uncalled for. 
Ok all you Glee people, thoughts?

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