fun daddy

We like to fit daddy play time in whenever we can. This was the first and only picture I snapped Chikezie and Julian this morning. Mid-air! Tossing these guys around is a work out. Sometimes I feel like they think Daddy is the fun one because he gets to come home and play and have fun and I'm the mean mommy who says no and changes their diaper and makes them take naps lol. 


It was poorly lit and kind of a lot going on, in those situations I like to just take out all color. I edited this in Aperature. Added a low contrast sepia action, then the toy camera action. I decreased the vignette around the edges and increased the brightness a little because the toy camera action makes everything kind of dark. 

I like how it turned out. For some reason, I like when blurred actions hots are black and white. They seem kind of documentary to me. 

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