Well, our new imac arrived yesterday. A 27 incher. Holy cows this thing is like typing on a movie theatre screen. When I turn it up to full brightness, it makes me squint. What is the purpose of this level of screen light? At what time would you need your screen so bright you need shades?

I'm feeling a serious case of the blah's today. Well, this week mostly. I'm feeling extra blah-ish today because I tried no caffeine this morning. That was dumb. I can smell coffee brewing right now and it's already perking me up a little. Can we say "addict"? Duh. Obvs. (Apparently I shorten the word "obviously" now.)

Drinking lemon water...fresh out of bed. It should have been a coffee. That was my first mistake of the day.

What do you do to get out of your "blahs"? 

Maybe some yoga is in my immediate future. Ehh, maybe not. I've already opened the windows and spent some time on the patio this morning but just can't seem to get out of this little funk. Let's hope coffee cures it. I'm thinking of going on a juice fast for like 3 days next week to cure myself of this coffee addiction and clean this ole body out. But for now I'll settle for a change of clothes and a flower in my hair. Oh, and a little mascara. Mascara always makes me feel better.

This is my "blah" face.

In other news, I think the boys are slowly transitioning to a one nap a day schedule. They're waking up later in the morning (between 7-8) and can make it until 11ish before they start to get fussy. I tried holding them off but decided to lay them down today at 11. They'll probably sleep until 1 or later and that will be the only nap. 

Julian left, Isaiah right.

So, we're all a little off here at the Ejiasi household. 

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