Our doctor appointment went well this morning. We got some answers on the boys' development. Isaiah had an x ray of his hips and they are developing perfectly normal. Besides his protest of throwing his pacifier while he was on the x ray table, he was fine. 

Julian has a pretty common condition called Internal Tibial Torsion or "Intoeing". It's a normal progression the legs go through as a child grows based on their position in the womb. Both boys were pretty squished and so their feet were tucked up against their legs pretty tight. Julian more than Isaiah. Isaiah has the same condition but his is much less. 

The doctor laid Julian on his stomach and kind of turned his feet out, which to me looked like what a normal baby looks like when he lays on his tummy, heels in, toes out. Julian's feet naturally curl in. The doctor said Julian's left foot turns in at a 35-40 degree angle which is pretty significant but not the worst he's seen. 

ITT is present in all babies from birth but you really don't notice it until they start standing and walking, most prevalent between 12-24 months. Julian won't need any treatment as there have been studies done showing kids with the special shoes with the bar in between and kids without all had the same results by the age of 4. 

So...I guess we just have to wait it out. The doctor chuckled a little at the caluses on the boys' knees from knee walking so much and said the feet may or may not have anything to do with Julian wanting to walk. He suggested making sure we buy shoes that only have a straight sole and that was pretty much it!

I'm glad we got some answers and that we don't have to put him through any therapy for now. It just kind of sucks we have no control over it and I'm hoping it does start to correct itself as he trips over and steps on his toes a lot. 

Thanks for all your encouraging comments and good thoughts! I know I worry too much but that's our job as moms, right? 

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