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So as you all know, I've been trying to lose some weight. I have a lot of cute summer clothes I want to fit into. And I always feel hot and swelled in the summer anyways so losing this weight should help me feel a little more comfortable. Not to mention I still have some baby lbs to shed. 

One thing we need to realize (as moms) is that we NEED to take care of our bodies. Would you feed half the crap you eat to your kids? Then why do we feed it to ourselves? Our bodies are no less important. Those chips may taste good now but after you're done eating and you know you shouldn't have had them you don't feel so good anymore. Temporary pleasure. Eating healthy is the opposite. It may not be what you want at first but after you've eaten something good for you, you feel good about yourself and your choices afterward.

I've always thought that having a cookie or something sweet is a great reward. But why should processed food be used as a reward? My body is definitely not thinking it's a treat. My brain, maybe. But not my body. It's not made to process refined sugars and empty carbs. A real treat would be some fresh veggies or fruit. My body knows exactly what to do with it and will use it perfectly. 

I've been losing weight slowly over the past few months and last week (Wednesday) when I really started to get serious about it, I weighed in at 169.4 (I'm 5'9 for reference). I've been eating healthy for the past week and have seen results. I feel good. I'm down to 166 and only a few pounds away from my pre-baby weight. It's amazing what taking out a lot of processed foods from your diet will do for your body. Yes, some things I eat are still processed and I'm working on phasing them out and only having them in moderation...but I've realized for myself the "all or nothing" approach doesn't work. I need to allow myself a little room in my diet. To still eat the things I like but not as much or as often. Cutting them out completely will only make me feel like a failure if I slip up and have them once and will actually make me crave them more if I know I can't have them. 

Here's what I had yesterday:
Every morning I have a glass of warm water with lemon juice to help get my digestive juices flowing. Your body burns calories just digesting food and I like to get that started right away. Plus this gets things "moving along" if you will. I also had a bowl of organic instant oatmeal (with water) 1/2 sliced banana and an EAS 100% whey chocolate protein shake. I like to eat a lot of protein in the mornings because your body goes all night without any and may start using stored protein as energy if you don't have enough. Protein takes more effort for your body to digest and is a building block for making new muscles. More muscles=burning more calories at rest. I'm not talking about getting ripped here, just more muscle content in your body even if it's the same size and shape it was before. 

Morning snack:
Greek yogurt with strawberries. This kind has a sweetened strawberry gel that mixes in, I know the extra sugars aren't the greatest but I can't quite handle greek yogurt on it's own or with granola yet. So I'm going to have it how I like it for now. And I had a big jar of water with some strawberry flavor power stuff mixed in. Sometimes when I'm tired of water taste (it gets old to me sometimes) I'll add in a packet of this stuff just to mix it up a little. There are artificial sweeteners in this so I try not to have it too often.

I enjoyed a yummy lunch of grilled chicken breast that I seasoned with garlic powder. It's on top of a bed of lettuce...I don't know if it's enough to constitute a salad. I sprinkled just a tiny bit of shredded parmesan on top and added a tiny bit of ranch. Noms. 

The smoothie was delish. I had one Jamba Juice smoothie bag left in the freezer and it's nice to fit in as a little sweet treat:
Just frozen fruit and lowfat yogurt. You add apple juice, blend and done. I added just 1/2 of the recommend apple juice (the boys low sugar kind) and the rest water. And to give it a little extra nutrient kick I added this:
I got a bunch of these at Whole Foods awhile ago and this was the last one. I need to get more. They taste nasty on their own and I admit, are a little powdery even when mixed with something else. But the nutrient boost from these is crazy:
After you have this in something you seriously feel different. Almost like a tingly energy rush? I don't know, it's hard to explain. But you feel a little kick. I only had half the smoothie and I'll have the other half today.

Afternoon snack:
Baby carrots and some iced green tea. Because I had a lot of fruit in the morning I laid off of it for the rest of the day. I try to get an even balance of fruit and veggies in during the day. I also try to avoid sugary fruit after 2 or 3pm. I'm less active at the end of the day and it's one less thing for my body to burn off at night.

A Jenni-O turkey burger with a little pasta marinara, a little shredded mozzarella and 2 turkey pepperonis. It looks like a ton of cheese but it just melted out to look like more than it was. I was going to have more veggies but that was the end of my cucumber and I was trying to feed the boys/do 100 other things so that's all I had. Protein and veggies at night. I try to lay off the carbs in the afternoon/evenings as well. I have the majority during the first half of the day so my body can use them throughout the day. 

  • Don't starve yourself. If your stomach is growling, drink a glass of water and see if it's still growling. If so, have an extra serving of veggies or some nuts or something. 
  • Sometimes I snack just because. During those times I know I'm not really hungry I try to find something else to do to take my mind off of snacking. Clean, go for a walk, anything. 
  • If you like dressing, have dressing. I like Ranch. I'm going to have Ranch. I just put a TINY bit on my food and mix it really good. Just enough to get the flavor. 
  • DRINK WATER! Water helps move food through your system and helps to clean out all the junk in your body. It's good for your skin, helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, makes you feel fuller...I could go on and on. I drink probably around 100oz of water a day. I try to stop drinking around 1 1/2 hrs before bed or I'm up peeing all night.
  • Watch your sugar intake. Sugar from fruits is ok, but a lot of fruits are really high in sugar. Apples, pears are good. Bananas are really high in sugar and not the most nutrient of fruits. And I'd suggest eating most of your fruit in the first half of the day. 
I'm by no means an expert on nutrition or losing weight but have done a lot of reading and research and have found things that work for me. If you guys have any questions or need suggestions for anything-don't be afraid to contact me! You can email me at mamamandolin [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment here with your questions. I'll try to post more of this each week for you guys if you'd like?

And to follow what I'm eating everyday go here


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