worldess[ish] wednesday: playing on the patio

I love the patio on our new place. Our old one was small, dark, loud from the traffic noise and partially faced a wall. Now we have a pretty good sized area that gets LOTS of sun, is quiet and although we kind of face some other buildings, there are some trees and grass in between us at least.  We may have to invest in an umbrella at some point because the full on sun can get a little hot when it's warm out. 

Here's a view of the patio from our front door, that other door on the left leads to the stairs. I like that it locks, too so our patio is private.
Diapers drying everywhere. I need another drying rack. We got a small outdoor rug to kind of protect the boys' knees from the cement. I know it's kind of boring grey but I just wanted it to kind of match the cement and not be anything too busy. We have a couple other rugs to bridge the gaps for the boys' knees. 

Another view, looking toward the front door. I need to find some kind of tarp to put over the stroller so we can just store it out here. 

And here are some pics I took yesterday afternoon while we played on the patio. Yesterday was kind of cloudy so we spent a lot of the day out there, even had a picnic lunch!

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