wordless[ish] wednesday: boys room

Right now, the boys room is probably the most put together and decorated room in our place. I was trying to think of a general "theme" to stick with, but let's face it. I'm a random person. I like my house to be filled with things I like and most of it has nothing to do with anything else. The boys room will probably be the same. 

  • Yes, we have the bumpers once again. They don't match anything and I don't particularly like them but they help keep the paci in the bed. And protect little heads from bonks. 
  • The banner above their beds was made by our friend Sarah, who made it for the surprise baby shower they threw me and I like it so much we've kept it up! 
  • The metal shelves aren't my favorite but I thought they'd transition into boy-hood well. Plus they were only $16 at Target. We're not made of money, people. I keep books on those shelves with paper pages and we haven't had anyone try to climb it yet.

  • The milk crates I have their books in I stole from the halls behind food service in college. I used to have a ton of them as shelves. They're so much better than the ones you buy at like Target. 
  • The curtains, Chikezie had when I moved here. I think they're from World Market. 
  • And don't ask me about the liscense plate. Chikezie got it, we just put it on their door. I'm thinking of finding some more for in there. 

  • I got that green bucket for toys at Target, too. $5. And we can easily just pick it up and carry it into the living room or on the patio to play.
  • And of course I had to put up some fun white Christmas lights. They provide some soft lighting at night when the boys want to crawl in and out of the room and I don't need a big light on. 
And here are some things I am LOVING and really want for their room:
this lion print from berkley illustration

this mustache poster from pumpkin and butterfly

this classic toy van print from erin reynolds photography

this faux taxidermy dinosaur from anatomically incorrect creatures

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