what a weekend

Julian has been sick since Friday. He's had a fever for most of the time since then and starting yesterday morning had runny, very stuffy nose. I feel bad for him because he can't breathe at all, having to catch his breath when drinking, can't close his mouth because he can't breathe through his nose...ugh I know how much it sucks so I feel bad for him.And sick babies who can't close their mouths drool a lot. And their breath stinks because they can't close their mouths. And everything smells like nasty baby breath. I've been trying my best to keep the boys' things separate so they're not swapping spit. I cleaned everything yesterday, including all the toys and sheets. Let's hope Isaiah doesn't get this sickness.

So we've been dealing with that this weekend. And Julian has been up around 2am for the past 2 nights fussing and high fever. Right now it's 6:25pm and Chikezie passed out in our bed watching the boys play.

However, with all of the nastiness Julian has been in a fairly good mood all weekend. Enough so that we could focus on our main task this weekend...finding a new place to live. UGH. I hate it. I love moving and I love the new start but I hate finding a place. We want to move away from the apartment-style living and move more toward a town home. There are just so many things to chose and so many factors in finding a place it just gets overwhelming.

We think we found a place today and placed a hold on it so we have a couple days to make sure it's what we want. I'm fine with it. Chikezie wants to keep looking to make sure we made the right choice. I'm just so tired of looking I found one that we like and I'd like to just have it over with. So, hopefully by the end of this week we'll know for sure where we'll be!

In other news: Isaiah started pointing at stuff today. And Julian is kind of doing it too.

In other other news: I talked to my dad today for the first time in a week or so...and he's been home from work the past few days not able to do much more than lay on the couch. Turns out his back is bad news. It's been bad for a long time but now it's super bad. He had an MRI yesterday and will be getting an epidural flush tomorrow (not sure what that is) but he's had 2 before and said they hurt. So...keep him in your thoughts!

Now look at these pictures I took today.

Julian and a stinky bib catching all his sickness drool.

Isaiah probably changing his baby's diaper. Good work, son.

Been so good sharing mama and daddy with Julian. He deserves extra hugs and cuddles tonight for being so good while we take care of sick brother.

Weekend warriors.

While apt hunting we stopped for lunch at Red Robin. These are my children, checking out the place.

I know this is blurry but I thought it was cute. 

Julian trying to figure out the straw...Isaiah had it down but Julian didn't quite get it today.

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