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I was inspired by (and encouraged by) Jess from IROCKSOWHAT  to start a photo food diary. She just started one (which you can see HERE) to both keep herself accountable for the things she eats and to maybe help others find some healthy choices as she tries to lose weight.

I'm trying to lose weight. Correction, I'm LOSING weight. I'm ready to get this baby flab OFF of my body and have set a pretty lofty goal for myself to lose 25lbs. I'm about 11-12 lbs above where I was when I got pregnant but for those of you who've had babies...not everything is the same or in the same place after you have kids. Plus, as a taller girl I have to lose more weight for it to be noticeable because I have a lot more space for it to go. So I'm going to need to lose more to fit into those size 10 Express jeans I was telling you guys about a few weeks ago. 

I may post once a week with an update of my workouts or how things have been going. However, I will be posting in the flickr album every day about what I'm eating. And try to include some information as to WHY I'm eating it, and why it's good for me. 

I'm a pretty picky eater, and I hate it. I'm not very good at trying new foods. A lot of foods that are good for me, I don't like. I wish it wasn't that way. I literally GAG at some things. So my food diary may be a little boring for some of you...but I'm going to prove you CAN lose weight even when you don't like a lot of the things that are best for you.

Click below to check it out.
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