we are perfect

At first, I thought these photos were a total wash. And then I thought about it a little. 

Sometimes in life, and especially as a mom, you try to get things perfect...or as close to perfect as you can. You want it to appear as if you are the epitome of a cute little family. Like you've successfully raised perfectly behaved children who smile at the right moments, look cute when they need to and a husband who plays the part and smiles for pictures when you ask. You want to look happy. Like this family with minimal problems who always looks good in a photo. A family who has date nights and game nights and read every night to their children and feed them all the right things. You want to appear like you have it all together.

But sometimes the most imperfect and accidental things turn out the best. You realize that your family and your life is just as it is supposed to be, silly quirks and imperfections and all. 

Some people may not understand you. Some people may disapprove that you had children before you were married. Some people may disapprove that you didn't get married in a church. Some people may disapprove of your tattoos. Some people may disapprove that you don't go to church every Sunday, or any Sunday for that matter. Some people may disapprove of your interracial marriage and mixed children. Some people may think your kids just need a haircut. Or shouldn't suck on pacifiers. Or should know to do this and that by a certain age. Or need to be baptized the second they are born to avoid horrible consequences. Some people think your kids shouldn't watch Spongebob or eat sugar.  

We do things our own way. We are a family filled with LOVE. Love for each other, respect for each other. We are friends. We laugh. And although many people may not understand our choices, we do what works for us. And as long as this keeps working, I don't care what anyone thinks. 

Silly faces and all.

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