vlogging vednesday: 10 years ago

I was pretty awesome in 2001. I was 16, turned 17 in October. Sophomore and junior in high school.

Major life milestones in 2001:
First "real" boyfriend, Dusty. He gave me flowers on Valentine's Day and I was embarassed. I clearly wasn't ready to have a boyfriend. He was my first kiss. In my kitchen. When my parents were asleep. And then I dumped him shortly after Valentine's Day because I didn't know what I was doing and felt awkward having a boyfriend. He still took me to prom though. Thanks Dusty. I didn't have another real boyfriend for the rest of high school LOL.

My golden birthday. I turned 17 on October 17, 2001.

First prom. I wish I had a picture of that but I don't think it's here.

I was in jazz band. Bottom right.

And again my junior year. Back, button up shirt.

I was in choir...in the back somewhere. I sang alto. I have a decent voice I think. This was the official year book picture...notice the stupid kids in the front doing the "suck it" thing.I can't believe they let this stay in the yearbook.

I was on some kind of student government spot (bottom left). At our school it was a dumb popularity contest because you didn't do anything all year with these titles. I wrote something about that once in the school newspaper and caused a shit-storm.

I was on National Honor Society. (back row 2nd from left) A.K.A. I got good grades.

Yearbook staff (back row, 2nd from right)

Powderpuff football for homecoming week. (In the back row w/a white bandana and my friends Sammie on my back.)

My AAU volleyball team went to state (and probably got our butts kicked) (Back left)

I hung out by the soda machines with my friends. (middle)

Easter 2001. Oye.

Family trip to Keystone over Christmas. Entire extended family and everything. 

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