two dudes in a tub

I love our new tubs. They're smaller than our last place but there are NO SHOWER DOORS! I can't tell you how difficult it is to bathe two wiggly boys when you only have access to half of the tub. And there is that uncomfortable metal lip on the edge of the tub that just kills your elbows. 

There's only one thing now. The tub isn't quite as deep as our old one so Isaiah thinks he can try to climb out. He also likes to throw his toys out. That's been his new thing lately. He'll drop his paci over the gate, put it and toys up on the shelves or on the table. He puts things in baskets and toys in the toy box. It's just fine if he can get it back but in the tub it doesn't really work that way.

Let's play a fun little game today. I want you guys to guess who is who in these pictures. We'll see if you've been paying attention!

I comb their hair in the tub so bath time = super fro time.

Playing nicely for once.

Look at those lips! His neck is actually my favorite part of this picture lol.

nomz on Pocoyo

I can't get enough of the hair.

two dudes in a tub.

Somebody is obsessed with his man parts. Oh and check out those sweet little thighs in the back hehe!

Ticked off. Time to get out.

Ok guys, who's who?

and then, she {snapped}

I edit these with Aperture 3...I adjusted the white balance on a couple to the "flourescent" setting since that's what I took them under. You can see the cooler colors on those. Then I added the "Toy Camera" effect, enhanced exposure and brightness. 

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