tuesday tunesday: songs that remind me of friends

Today's theme of Tuesday Tunesday is songs that remind me of friends. We all have that SONG that always makes us think of somebody. Well, I happen to have a lot of songs that remind me of a lot of friends. 

This reminds me of one of my bff's, Molly. Mainly because we know every word to it and used to jam out to it wherever we went.

This song reminds me of one of my best guy friends, Tj. Because when we were in college Molly and I would request this song at the bar for him and we'd all drunkenly shout/sing this song together lol. 

This song is for another bff, Taryn. We were freshman year roommates and put our desk to face each other...she'd play this really loud and scream it at me to see who would laugh first.

This is TOTALLY my song with my bff Christy. Hands down. And you bet your hairy hiney we do the Fresh Prince dance to it. 

This will always remind me of Cody. And singing "Tony Danza" instead of "tiny dancer".

This also reminds me of Cody:

What songs remind you of YOUR friends? If you want to post about it-link up in the comments!

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