they eat. a lot.

You guys. My children do not stop eating. They eat everything and they eat a lot of it. I take that back. Julian eats everything. Isaiah is picky about some things...and when he's done he likes to put the food he doesn't like on the floor. 

The other day I made a small pan of spaghetti for them thinking I'd have leftovers for a meal for them the next day. I was wrong. They ate the whole thing. Every time I'd ask if they were all done and go to get the washcloth they'd get pissed and yell at me until I gave them more food. 

When I ran out of noodles, they got their banana. Sometimes they'll both eat a whole banana each with their meal. This day I only gave them half because they'd already eaten so much. Sometimes I just cut the banana in half and give one half to each boy. Except now they don't just take one bite at a time, they shove the entire thing in their mouth like they're Kobiashi at a Coney Island hotdog eating contest. And you'd think they couldn't chew with all that in their mouth? But somehow within a minute or so their cheeks are empty. It makes me nervous when they do it...but I had to get some pictures. 

Julian chowing down:

Isaiah feasting:

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