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Well hello new friends! 
I'm Mama. But you can call me Mandey. (Unless you are my friends from home who called me Mama before I was even a real mama)
I'm 26. I was raised on a pig farm in Iowa. I was a fair queen and a volleyball player back in my prime. Now my hidden talent is diapering babies while they're standing. I'm a real housewife kick ass mama of the OC. I make stuff and sell it. I grow big babies with big heads and big hair. Caffeine should be illegal in my house because I abuse it profusely. I like being a baby paparazzi. Red gummy bears make me smile. And I have some tattoos. 

This is my hunka hunka burnin' love. A.K.A. Chikezie fo' sheezy. He's my first love. His chillness balances my craziness. His laugh is so awesome when I first met him my roommate and I thought it was fake because it was so badass. He's good at movie impressions. He does web design. When he scored his first try (goal) in rugby he had to run around the field naked and then they poured beer all over him...too bad I hadn't met him yet. One time on his birthday after coming home from his shift as a bouncer at a college bar, he bought a guy plowing the snow a cup of hot chocolate. That's the kind of man he is. The best kind.

The Dudes
This is Julian. I call him Buster. He's almost 13 months and is the most easy going dude ever. Fully embodies the California surfer dude attitude. Unless he's tired. He likes to play with buttons and scratch things that make noises. He loves standing at mama's legs while she cooks. He is obsessed with turning off the TV and the Xbox. He eats like a starving child. He loves to cuddle and hug and love on his mama and daddy. 

This is Isaiah. I call him Brother...because he's Julian's twin brother. From the day he was born he's been as solid as a brick. He stomps when he crawls. He likes to growl and scream at newly invented decibels. He needs to have a paci in his mouth and a spare one in his hand at all times. He thinks he's a drummer. This kid always has somewhere to go, something to say or something to do. And he loves his brother. For the most part.

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