taking a break

It's been a long week...and it's only Tuesday. I've had a sick Isaiah (with the fever and congestion that Julian had last week) up for the past 3 nights. I've been working my little hiney off to make some fun stuff for my shop. I'm trying to pack my house up for a move this weekend. I'm missing my family at home, wishing I could be there with them right now, wishing I could help clean up my hometown. 

I had my first little breakdown today from all that's happened at home. I was watching a video of some high schoolers from surrounding towns help clean up debris in Mapleton and I got really homesick. I really miss my little brothers and sister. I want to be there helping. I want to hug my family. And punch my dad for being an idiot and standing out on his deck watching the tornado go through town. 

I'm going to take a little blogging breather for the next few days so I can get myself in check. I'll be back in a few days...and will be hosting a fundraiser to send some money home.

If you have a handmade item you'd like to donate to the fundraiser please email me at mamamandolin {at} gmail {dot} com. 

So until then, send me some good vibes...and send some even better vibes to Mapleton, because they definitely need it more than me. 

And don't forget to head to IROCKSOWHAT for a chance to win a fabric necklace from the Mama Mandolin etsy shop. 

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