random thoughts

  • I have the majority of downstairs unpacking done except for a couple boxes in the kitchen. However, our bedroom upstairs is all piles and bags of clothes. Not excited.
  • Today I have successfully built 2 barstools and one desk chair. I'm the designated builder in our house because Chikezie doesn't ever feel like reading directions and ends up building something completely different. I've also built our bookshelf, the boys' cribs, their changing table...the list goes on. 
  • The boys have slept in their beds with no bumper pads for the last 2 days (because we forgot the bag with the bumpers at our old place) without any real problems. The only reason I had them is because they sleep with their heads in the corners of the bed and they'll fuss when their paci falls out. I'm hoping we continue this good streak so we can just get rid of the bumpers. I kind of think the cribs look cuter without them anyways.
  • My mama got engaged last week! My brothers and sister and I are all pretty excited for her, and will be excited to have a new step-Dan (as my brother say).
  • Sometimes I wish there was a peep hole in the boys' bedroom door so I could see what they're whining about without having to go in. Maybe I should invent this.
  • Isaiah is now trying to figure out how to stack legos and it is SO freaking cute. It's like his depth perception is a little off when he does it because they never really touch haha.
  • Isaiah is also turning out to be quite the organizer. He likes putting toys away or on shelves, his paci on the tables or in a box or basket. Nothing ever on the floor.
  • We don't have any reception on our tv here with our bunny ears. I'm annoyed. The antennas are broken off so only the middle thing is there but it worked at our last place. We might need to get a new one. I'd like to watch the news. And Two and a Half Men.
  • I'm trying to find the USB cord for the camera. If any of you know where I left it, let me know. I have some good pictures I'd like to share. 
  • That is all.
  • Oh, and if you haven't yet, please PLEASE donate the $5 and enter the Mandey Hearts Mapleton giveaway. Maybe you're just passively reading my blog figuring a lot of other people will donate and you don't want to get out your card at the moment. Well, right now we have 15 donations and 13 prizes. Your chances are REALLY GOOD that you'd get something sweet, for only 5 extra minutes out of your day and $5 from your pocket. If you don't have paypal or aren't sure how to use it, let me know. I can help. We can work something out. And to the people who have donated so far, I can't thank you enough. 
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