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Last night we signed the lease on a town home we found only about 5-7 minutes from Chikezie's work. It's SO close! Right now he drives 15-17 minutes which still doesn't seem like much until you drive the 5 minute route from our new place. We're paying pretty much what we pay now for our place but figure we're saving lots of money on gas because he's so much closer. Plus I feel safe knowing that if there is an emergency and I need Chikezie to come home (since we only have 1 car) that he's only a short drive away from us. 

We're also in the hills, I scoped out the walking paths yesterday and you guys...I'm going to have some buns of steel. My walks will no longer be flat and boring, I can tell you that. And there is a grocery store and Starbucks within walking distance. BONUS. My only real obstacle will be getting the boys in the stroller downstairs, since our place is on the 2nd floor. However, we share a private staircase with only one other person. Our patio is on the front of the town home with a locked door that leads to the staircase. So I think I'll just have to take the stroller to the bottom of the stairs, leaving both boys on the patio w/the door shut. Then I'll just have to take them down to the stroller one at a time. Until they can walk I'll be making lots of trips! And doing that twice for each walk! Buns of steel people, buns of steel.

As you walk in the front door and look left.

Another view from the front. The stairs go up to our bedroom/bathroom. 

I love all the cupboards I get in my kitchen! I hate stuff all over the counters. I think I get that from my dad. You should see his house. There is like never ANYTHING on the counters.

From the kitchen area-the boys are going to check out their new room. Bathroom is across the hall, laundry closet straight ahead. And lots of storage under the stairs.

Boys' room has a full wall of closets.

My FULL SIZE washer/dryer...and a closet! 

downstairs bathroom.

Our bedroom upstairs, walk in closet on the left, bathroom just after.

Another view from the stairs.

I just love the vaulted ceilings and that nobody is above us. I will miss our wood floors now but they're so loud (we make lots of noise for the people below, and the people above us are really loud, too) so I hope the carpet will help muffle some of the noise we make. 

So now the fun part starts. Packing here, moving little by little, cleaning...I think this whole moving thing will be good for my diet. I lost a pound yesterday and we haven't really even started. 

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