not letting you off the hook

I started the Mandey Hearts Mapleton raffle last week thinking I'd get a lot of donations from my real life friends and family, people I actually know..and maybe some bloggy friends who felt the need to help. My assumptions were completely backwards. My sister in law donated. And I think my friend Sean is sending some money. And that's it. The only person I know in real life who's offered to help.

I can't help but feel a little bummed out. I emailed and facebook messaged almost everyone I know about the fundraiser, and letting them know that even if they didn't want to enter the contest it didn't matter, because it's not REALLY about the prizes. Just a $5 donation toward something very personal and near and dear to my heart. The place where I grew up. The place where I made all the memories that made me "me" before I left home. Hometowns are really important to all of us. 

Well I'm not letting anyone off the hook. My family and friends who read this, including all of you, my fellow bloggers. We follow blogs for a reason. Well, I do. I've donated money here and there to a variety of different causes, in one case toward a raffle that helped a couple raise money to adopt their little girl. I'll ask you this, why NOT donate? Why are you reading my blog if you don't care enough to make a few clicks, cough up $5 and help someone whose life you follow? I fully expect to lose readers for this but it's not really a concern. It's not about quantity to me.

I was hoping my blog would be a place of support and love from all my friends and family who don't get to see my children grow up because we're so far away. Believe it or not, I work really hard to keep it updated. And just as much, I worked really hard to set up this raffle in hopes I'd get a great response from my friends who saw how much I needed a little support. 

I'm not letting any of you off the hook. I love my hometown. I want to give as much as I can to help rebuild. Thank you so much to those of you who've donated so far, you really don't understand how much I appreciate it. Or to those of you who couldn't donate but emailed/tweeted/told all your friends. That's just as good as a donation.

And for those of you who scroll past this blog on your google reader, who think someone else will help, for my friends and family who've read this blog for the past 13+'s your chance to show me you're reading and that you're here for me when I need you. 

to read about the prizes or to enter the raffle after you've donated

if you don't want to enter the raffle, just 
to donate.

If you're offended in anyway and decide to stop following my blog...go for it. It's my blog and I'll be honest about my feelings as much as I want.

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