noodle legs

So we took a walk yesterday for the first time on a really sunny day. I sprayed the boys up with sunscreen, made the 80 trips up and down our stairs and we were off. 

They may look cute but they are heavy as hell. 

For the first time I turned right out of our complex to go up the rest of our hill and take on the BIG one. I completely underestimated how hard it would be. Walking down the hill wasn't so bad but I noticed how steep it was and was dreading the walk back up. I tried to ignore the fact that I faced certain death by taking pictures of the pretty spring stuffs.

This might look pretty but it's full of bees.

And it KILLED. My legs were burning. I was a huffin' and a puffin'. And then Julian glanced up at me:
Yes I took a picture even when I thought I was about to die. I feel like his little look was telling me "you can do it Mama!"

And then I made it to the top.
And it's kind of hard to tell here but you can see forever. Across the street is a huge ravine/canyon. It's kind of a nice reward once you get up there. 

And you even get a little view of the mountains off to the side, too. I love mountains.

I love them so much I walked back down the hill and up the next to the grocery store after this...and then had to once again go down the hill and back up to get home. And let's not forget all the trips back up the stairs it takes to unload groceries, 2 boys and a stroller. 

My legs were like noodles. 

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