new earrings

I know this picture is blurry but I wanted to show you the new earrings I got yesterday...that I love.

There is a new store at the Spectrum called Francesca's  and you is SO cute. I wanted to buy everything in the store, good thing I had the giant stroller with me and two boys who won't let me stand around for more than a minute. They're good for me. And good thing we're moving soon so I'm not within walking distance of this place where I'd probably go and spend all of our money. 

I also want the following from this store:

Anyways. Today I will be playing outside with my men. And working on getting things finalized to have up in my Etsy shop by this weekend. It will be rainy and cool later this week so we should be indoors and I might have some more time to work.

Have a happy Tuesday people. 

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