We are now at our new place. It was a looong day and Chikezie is still downstairs moving things around. Our house is full of boxes and bags and I honestly don't even have the energy to think about where I'm putting everything. 

The boys did awesome today. We took apart their cribs after they woke up this morning and Chikezie dropped us off here with the necessities so he could go back home and bring the cribs. By the time I had the beds put together it was almost 1...the boys made it that long without a nap. They usually take a good 2 hr nap about 2 hrs after waking up. And they were not fussy AT ALL. They played quietly with their toys for the entire time I put 2 cribs together. 

And then they only slept for 30 minutes....for the rest of the day. We tried to put them down a couple different times because they were getting a little fussy but after letting them freak out in their rooms for a few minutes they just wanted out. So, I just let them play. And they weren't really fussy for the rest of the night.

I gave them a bath in the new bathroom and oh my gosh it was so much more enjoyable than in our old bathrooms with the built in shower doors. They are so hard to bathe kids in. Our tubs now don't have doors and I enjoyed watching the boys play and could reach them both the whole time, my back wasn't was actually enjoyable. I think we'll start taking baths more than twice a week.

Anyways. That's all for now. Can't guarantee I'll post anything tomorrow; the unpacking begins. But before I go I will remind you all of the "Mandey Hearts Mapleton" fundraiser. So far I have more prizes than people who've donated. I have close to 500 people who subscribe to this blog, I emailed everyone I know, facebook messaged everyone I know, tweeted my tail off...and we're going on 11 donations. And my stats say that post has 232 page views. My averages aren't so great at the moment. So PLEASE. PLEEEEASE open up that pocketbook and shed out the $5 for my hometown. Not only will you be doing something good, but as of now ya'll have a pretty good chance of getting a prize, too.

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