missing the playground

Our old apartment had a super nice play area. It was covered in that soft blue stuff that had springs or something underneath. We have a playground here but it's covered in wood chip-thingies, so until the boys can walk it'll be a little uncomfortable to play at. 

And it's been really half rainy/cloudy/something out this week so I haven't been able to get out much with the boys. I don't really feel like getting caught in the cold rain with a stroller a ways from home. So, here are some pictures from our old playground at our last little trip there before we moved. 


Watching an airplane.

Isaiah high-fiving his shadow.

Julian trying to get his shadow, too.

dimple knuckles make me happy.

the curls are getting more boingy with age. 

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Maybe if you guys vote enough the sun will come back out.

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