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You guys. I don't like bragging...and I really don't even feel the right to brag but DUDE. How the HELL did such beautiful children come from Chikezie and I? Maybe I'm just a proud mom. I don't know. But one thing I do know is that they are going to be some good looking men one day. Men that I'm going to teach to hold doors open for women; men who are just as handsome on the inside as they are on the outside.

Twins are seriously the best. It's so fun to watch them grow side by side and watch their personalities develop differently. Lately they've been showing us how different they really are.

Here is Isaiah-always needing that paci. Julian does fine without it during the day. Isaiah will do any and everything to get one from Julian if he has it, even if he has one in his own mouth. Including body slamming Julian to the floor. This happened twice yesterday. 

When Julian laughs or is mad his nose wrinkles like this.

It's funny, Julian is more laid back and quiet than Isaiah but he is fearless. He crawls right up to strangers in public. He's the first to explore new territories. And even though he doesn't quite know what he's doing when practicing this whole walking thing, he will not stop trying. This kid doesn't let me hold on to him when he stands even though he doesn't have the best balance yet. He will just pull his arms away from the couch to see if he can stand on his own and will try to take those first wobbley steps even though he's not good at it yet. He's so independent. But with as much as he likes to do things himself, he loves to cuddle with us...something Isaiah hates to do.

Isaiah, although loud and physically strong, is cautious. Sure to stay by mama when we're at the playground. When trying to walk, if it means letting go of something on his own to walk to me, he'll get down on his knees and crawl. Even though his balance and foot placement is much better than Julian's, he's scared to try. He also gets attached to things very easily. The paci (which I'm working to keep in the crib only) and now a polar bear stuffed animal. He takes his bear all around the house with him. So cute. 

Sweet Shot Day

This is the part where they're pissed off at me for taking away a DVD. It's funny, when they're hurt, Julian cries big, sad tears. When Isaiah hurts himself he looks like he's mad at himself for getting hurt. He kind of grunt/yells at himself. Doesn't look at me for my reaction, just yells and then goes on with his business. It's kind of like the baby equivalent of me swearing really loud when I stub my toe. 

Isaiah looks just like me in this picture. Julian is doing the same dead-in-the-face stare that Chikezie does. 

Isaiah still has messy sleep hair and a wrinkle on his cheek from nap time :)

I love  baby toes.

This can't be good for their knees. This is how they always sit and how Julians legs just kind of curl up naturally. We're taking them to an orthopedist soon because Julian's standing stance is really wobbly/crooked because his legs are always in awkward positions.

Snack time. I love their little lips when they drink from these.

reading with my brother.

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