julian practices walking

Julian came out of nowhere with this whole walking thing. Yesterday he let go of one toy to walk to something else, biffed it and smacked his face on the bedroom mirror/door thingy. He cried for a minute but was fine. I was amazed. This is a big thing at our house; a baby letting go and trying on his own. We need to get him to the orthopedist for that crazy left foot but he's doing good in spite of it. I think it might be a little longer before Isaiah starts because even though he has much better balance, he's pretty cautious about new things. 
This is a crazy work out. It doesn't look like much but it's 25lbs of lifting every time. And if he doesn't feel like walking he'll just go all noodle-legs on me and then it's 25lbs of dead weight. Sometimes I wake up with sore abs and back from all this lifting. And then do it all over again with Isaiah.

Happy Sunday, friends.

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