it's friday yo

This was the majority of our morning.

This was about the only way I could keep Julian content. Otherwise it was full out balling. He was quiet on the floor for a few minutes and then Isaiah lost his balance and kind of fell on Julian...who fell over. But I caught him before he hit the floor so I think he was just pissed he fell. His temp was like 99.4 and I'd given him some meds so it might have been higher before that. I think he's getting some teeth. At least I hope he is. Because I don't really like this look on him:

Or this one...

Thankfully Isaiah has been in a good mood today. And he's stylin':
He was playing with my elastic headbands so I let him wear one. He loves it.

And in the 10 minutes Julian was not crying, we practiced our animal sounds:
Animal Sounds from Mandey Ejiasi on Vimeo.

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