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I've had a lot of people ask me lately how we chose the names for the boys. Why they have two middle names, etc. So I thought I'd answer some of that here! Deciding on names was kind of s a struggle for us. Chikezie likes some really....different...names. And I like different ones, too. But our "different" styles are completely unique, so we were on completely different ends of the spectrum. We bought a baby names book and I'd highlight ones I liked and read them to Chikezie, who would say no to every name I liked. Then he'd find some he liked and I would say no to all of his. 

I don't know when I decided, but I wanted the boys to have two middle names. One Nigerian and one that was passed on to them. I wanted them to keep some of their Nigerian heritage but didn't necessarily want it to be in their first name, like Chikezie's. I love his name, don't get me wrong. HE loves his name. I just wanted something a little easier to pronounce so the boys weren't constantly having to explain themselves. Our last name is complicated enough for people.

Before we knew if they were boys or girls we essentially had to come up with both 2 boys and 2 girls' names. If they were girls, we were pretty set. Years before we had kids we said if we ever had a boy and a girl they would be Sidney and Aila. (Sidney is Chikezie's middle name). We just made Aila up. Or Chikezie found it on some video game and told me after I liked it that's where he got it from LOL. So we knew one of our girls would be Aila. Other girl names we picked out were Miriam, Liviana and Maya. And if we were having twin girls they would have been Aila and Maya. 

But at 16 wks we found out there were dudes in my belly. We'd pretty much both agreed on Sidney and Isaiah for the boys. After awhile though, we started to get tired of Sidney because of how many girls had that name. We ended up just finding and really liking Julian and eventually stuck with it. 

Their Nigerian middle names were picked out by their grandma and grandpa E since we don't know Igbo or any good names in Igbo. Chikezie's mom offered us Tochi: Praise God and Chidi: God exists; God is real. I thought they were perfect. They both had the "Chi" which is in Chikezie's name and were both easy to say and remember. Chikezie's parents call them by this name when we see them or when they're around their friends.

The boys' second middle names are both passed on from Chikezie and my oldest brothers, or next oldest child in our family since we're both the oldest. Uncle Chigozie (Chikezie's twin brother) is Chigozie Hamilton...and he was happy to let us use his name. We gave it to Isaiah since he is the 2nd born of twins, just like his Uncle Chic. Julian's middle name (James) comes from my brother Joshua James, the next oldest after me. James runs very far back on my dad's side with lots of I really liked the thought of passing it down. My dad is Andrew James. 

So there we have it. Both boys have the same number of letters in their first, Nigerian middle and last name. They both have unique names mama and daddy picked out, a middle name as part of their Igbo heritage, and a middle name passed on through the family.

Julian Tochi James
Isaiah Chidi Hamilton

How did YOU decide on your kids' names?

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