i will slap you.

Well...it happened. It was BOUND to happen. My first REAL mean comment on Mama and the Dudes. I'm kind of sad it came from someone with the same name. And I'm thankful she didn't post as anonymous. It's even worse when people are mean AND cowards. 

And for anyone else out there who feels like being a Debbie Downer in my comments, I encourage you to keep your thoughts to yourself. I'm really not in the mood to deal with your verbal diareah. And that's what it is. Pure crap...coming out of your mouth.

And in case you missed it here's how it went down: 
"Mandy" left this comment today on my post about playing at the park...which was kind of misplaced, but mean nonetheless.

no one cares about you dumbass little donation program.People everywhere are having a tough time, and most are worse of then the ones in your home town, so go whore yourself out if you want the $$$ so bad.

Please do not comment here or follow this blog if you're going to spew hateful and angry comments. I'm not forcing anyone to donate...hence the word "donation". People can chose to or not based on their own financial standing. But I will not give up asking until the week is done. There are many people from my hometown with no home left or possessions to their name but you know what, yes it could be worse. They have the support of thousands of others who have pitched in to help and people like me who are doing what we can as well. And even better? The people who've lost everything have an outlook on life a hell of a lot better than yours. I'm sorry for whoever pissed in your Cheerios this morning...but I'm not taking any shit on this blog. This is my house, and I don't let jerks in.

So, please...if you have nothing nice to say, go away.

The end.

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