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Well, I've been working really hard the past couple of months to come up with some new stuff for my shop that reflects who I am. Things I enjoy making and would all use myself. I've spent hours and hours at the fabric store finding just the right patterns, and spending days reading my craft books to find inspiration. 

I hope you guys like what I've made. Mainly because I put so much of my free time (which isn't much) and a lot of love into everything. Each thing I've made is something I wish I could actually keep for myself I love it all that much. 

They're all different sizes because I didn't make them with an easy cookie-cutter pattern. They're all unique!

Personally, I love these because they don't dangle...and I have little boys who like to get dangly things. I'm working on making more of these so there should be more variety soon!

I seriously could make a million of these. They're in a fixed position...a lot of other ones of these I've seen online you have to tie the back or do something with the ends. I seriously have no idea how to tie a nice bow. So since these are long enough to fit over your head, I just put a little bow on the back for cuteness factor. I know a lot of people make these but I pick out patterns and fabrics that I LOVE. Things that show my own personal style that I hope you guys like, too!

So I'd love for you guys to go check everything out. You don't HAVE to buy stuff, although I'd be excited if you did. I'd really just like you guys to maybe "heart" the stuff you like or just leave me some comments on what you think. 

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