buns of steel

I've had tight hamstrings for the past week, folks. Our last apartment had a set of stairs but it was completely out of the way of our apartment so we always used the elevator. Plus, going on walks with the boys kind of required an elevator. There are very few places here with elevators and so now we have stairs.

I took this picture from the top of our stairs by the front door. This door goes to the patio, and we have another door to the actual apartment. 

When I take the boys for a walk, it's a work out just to get on the road. I'll get everything ready and put it on the patio and bring the boys outside. Next, I carry the 50lb stroller down the stairs and set it up. I'll go back up and grab one boy (shutting him in on the patio because I don't trust them around stairs). I go up again and grab the other boy and take him down to the stroller. Sometimes when I'm feeling extra strong I'll save a trip and carry both boys down the stairs at the same time. That's 25lbs on each arm.  Finally, after both boys are strapped in I'm back up the stairs to grab everything we need off of the patio and lock the doors. 

It's about 4 trips up and down the stairs just to get out of the door. Then I have to do it all again when we get back. And if I got something at the grocery store, it requires more trips. 

My hamstrings have felt so tight for the past week. We have stairs in the apartment to get up to our bedroom/bathroom as well so I don't know how many trips I take up those stairs a day. I'm going to have BUNS OF STEEL.

And check out this hill we have to climb on our walks:

This is walking back to our place from the store. You have to go down this hill and then partially up the next to get to our house. If we walk the other direction from our house we have to go to the top of our hill and then down another even bigger hill to get to another shopping center about a mile away. 

So, as I'm breaking a sweat just getting the boys in the stroller, my legs are burning on the last (and steepest) part of the hill by our house, pushing over 100lbs in front of me, carrying boys and strollers and groceries and whatever else up the stairs I just remember, "buns of steel, Mandey. Buns. Of.....Steel."

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