Wordless[ish] Wednesday: outside

Yesterday we did our usual walk to the mall. I had a few photos printed of family members, bought a $2 photo album and made a little album of our family back in Iowa that we never see. The boys love flipping through it and I hope one day the faces will start to look familiar. 

Anyways. Julian fell asleep on the way there with no pacifier...which NEVER happens. They usually both don't fall asleep until like 5 minutes before we get home and they both have pacifiers. 

How sweet does he look?? (With Isaiah's hand on his crotch lol)

Minutes after this picture Isaiah decided he was done in the stroller and thankfully I remembered to pack the Ergo. Or, not so thankfully. I carried him around on my back almost the whole time, and then switched to the front carry when I started to get tired. I probably walked a good 1 1/2 miles carrying the 25lb tank. Bet that burned some extra calories. 

Then we walked back to the park at our house to enjoy some sun and have a snack.

I think Julian might have a little allergy to the grass..he's always sneezing.
This is his sneeze face. He does it for a good 5 seconds before he sneezes so you know it's coming.

We watched the construction workers building behind us. They have like 2 whole buildings almost completely built already! I swear every week they have something else done.

Did you know that blades of grass are actually leaves? Yes, I did learn something in college botany. 

Sipped on some cold water and wore some baseball hats. Julian leaves his alone for the most part but Isaiah's is usually off within a few minutes. 

...there goes the hat. And now Julian is yawning. 

Always looks like he's thinking about something. I can't get enough of those sweet little lips!

Sweet Shot Day
Isaiah, your hair is getting wilder by the day. And I love it.

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